Working Cattle Ranch for Families with Kids Age Seventeen Plus

June 29, 2016



Dear Tom & Darcy,

I know that Nigel has been in touch and sent a copy of the short resume of our holiday which I penned for his website and imagine you have seen the rather longer version which I put on Tripadvisor. However, we are just writing this by way of personal thanks and hopefully you will receive the ink version by mail in due course…….

Neither of the reviews do justice to the amazing time we had with you all. It really was an incredible experience. We both loved your ethos and the way in which it cascaded through the whole team.We cannot begin to thank everyone enough. Quite apart from the beauty and majesty of the surroundings, we were treated with such thoughtfulness at all times that we didn’t have to concern ourselves with anything (well maybe the Rattlesnakes!).

As a non rider, Stella didn’t really believe she would be able to participate much in the riding activities but that soon changed with the help, reassurance and encouragement of Sandra in particular.The skill of the wranglers in continually assessing the group as to their abilities and progress was exceptional and made for a great week for everyone.The weekly programme has a good balance of riding out and horsemanship skills included.

We had never been on a Ranch vacation until now and having returned I have looked at many more, just by way of comparison. I believe you have something quite unique which is borne out by your passion for your custodianship of the land, love for the animals and the people you meet. This was a holiday where we could really get away from the every day stresses and relax. The end of the day ‘tired’ was a good tired with a sense of achievement and great fulfilment.

I think the balance you have with activities and down time is about right. It actually meant that the group had time to relax over a beer and chat. It meant that by the end of the week we had had the chance to make good new friends (even if for us there is a big expanse of water in between).

We especially enjoyed the evening ride but I think you said that was going to remain in the schedule in any case.

For us, we wouldn’t change a thing.I think there is plenty on offer with pool, hot tub, sauna, fishing. I particularly enjoyed the bird watching too but then that is my passion here and I’m more than happy to sit for an hour or two with a pair of binoculars! (I can send you a list of what I saw if you like!!)

The food was exceptional and the laundry facility better than anything I’ve come across before!

For some groups,the offer of a trip to Cheyenne ( if that’s the closest and of course worth a look) might be an idea. People generally like to be able to associate themselves geographically with a settlement. Maybe it could be offered as an evening trip? after early dinner….. Or an afternoon trip which would give a bunch of horses a rest… Just a thought.. Think there would have been a few takers from our group.

Anyway, I could go on for much longer but we both hope you have a very successful and memorable summer. We both thank you and the whole team heartily for a truly uplifting holiday.

Many many thanks & best wishes

Fiona & Stella


“True Cowboy Experience!”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 6, 2016

If you’re looking for a true cowboy experience, not a nose to butt trail ride, then this is definitely the place for you! The entire staff are as knowledgeable and accommodating as I’ve ever seen. From the minute you step foot on the ranch you are made to feel genuinely welcome. By the end of the week you’ll be part of the family. From beginners to advanced riders, they have the perfect horse for you. One of the most impressive things to me are the way they care for their animals. All the horses are in great shape and obviously loved! This was “not my first rodeo” in visiting dude ranches, and I can tell you it is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss. Every day is filled with a true cowboy experience. From checking the cows, to cattle drives, roping, cutting, team penning, riding lessons if you need it, and the list goes on. The scenery is awesome with plenty of room to ride. And don’t even get me started about the food! Three squares a day that will make you wish you didn’t ever have to leave! Don’t miss out on this adventure! As I reluctantly drove away with tears in my eyes, all I could think about was planning my trip back next year.

“Authentic Cowboy Experience”

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 6, 2016

I have some affinity for the cowboy life. Truth be told, it is the life most enviable. I grew up around cattle and owned a horse as a boy but city life prevailed. I knew somewhat what to expect but my week at CCC exceeded my best expectations. I loved it. Scotty, Sandra and AJ are all experienced ranch hands yet their patience and helpfulness was clearly their strong suit. No matter your experience from beginner to lifelong horseman, there is an experience for you here. Roping, penning, “pushing” cattle, moving herds, saddling horses…all of it is here. You can do as much or little as you like. My experience far exceeded by my expectations. Food is outstanding, accommodations are modern but have a rustic feel. Bar and gift shop are all on the honor system which tells you a lot about Tom and Darcy’s approach to welcoming you as family. We met people there as strangers and left with new friends. This place is truly amazing. There are lots of “dude” ranches out there. We know. We did our research and this one reigns supreme. My wife and I loved it. So much so we have a reservation for next year. This isn’t the resort and spa (thought there is a pool and hot tub available). The most amazing part is while you are on your horse (same one all week so you get attached) as you are out there on 10,000 acres of ranch land you can truly disconnect from the outside world. Thanks Tom, Darcy,Jackie, AJ, Scotty, Sandra and Sheila. See y’all real soon.

Room Tip: No room better than others…each has a fabulous view of the ranch

“Absolutely Amazing!”

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 6, 2016

Words alone cannot explain the amazing experience of this incredible ranch. From the moment you enter the gates to the minute you leave you are welcomed as part of the family. The horses are in excellent health and well cared for as is all of the animals, cattle, cats, dogs, etc., on the ranch. The wranglers are knowledgeable and the staff and owners bend over backwards to insure you are taken care of. The food is plentiful and wonderful. The days are filled with many activities and lots of laughs. I cannot begin to say enough about this true Ranch experience.

“You’re in Great Company”

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 7, 2016

Absolutely wonderful experience all the way around. This trip offered more saddle time than we could have asked for, patient teachers of riding, roping, cutting and penning, and a genuine “cowboy” experience as well as an incredibly warm staff that welcomed us as if we were family. They were willing to help in any way they could, including offering up the belt they were wearing or accommodating my personal distaste for potatoes by making and individual portion of pasta. They fostered a warm atmosphere that allowed all the guests to interact as if they were old friends. One of the best family vacations we have ever taken.

Stayed May 2016, traveled with family

“A Fantastic Experience!”

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 8, 2016

As an author, I chose the Colorado Cattle Company because I needed to do research on cattle ranching for the books I’m writing, and the ranch slogan, “Where our guests are the cowboys” drew me in.
From the moment we arrived, we were treated like family (although I don’t think my family ever treated me that royally).
This is not a ‘sit by the pool’ (although they have one if you want to) type of getaway. You’ll be assigned a horse and you’ll be brushing and saddling it before breakfast.
The staff is fantastic, and if you make a suggestion, odds are, it’ll be implemented before you leave. I had a pot of decaf coffee labeled with my name when I mentioned I can’t handle caffeine. They built a special ‘saddling station’ when I said it would be nice to practice saddling without having to bother a horse. Everyone was willing to answer my questions, from the owners to the wranglers to the cooks.
And the ranch lives up to its slogan. As newbies, my husband and I had some time with Scott, one of the wranglers, to get the feel for riding, but by afternoon, we were out with the other guests.
If you want a true ranching experience, and are willing to be put to work, I can’t recommend the Colorado Cattle Company highly enough. We’ve already booked for next year.

Room Tip: It’s a ranch experience. Rooms have all the modern amenities, including a small fridge and coffe…

“Cuttin’ Cattle – Giddy up!”

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 11, 2016
Just left the ranch–had a wonderful time! My horse was perfect, the scenery was beautiful! Learned to cut and rope cattle, along with team penning! Wranglers knowledgeable and want you to learn! Great food and hospitality! Would definitely go back.

“Home Away from Home”

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 9, 2016

Did you ever want to stay at your Aunt’s or Uncle’s ranch? Well, if you go to the Colorado Cattle Company’s ranch, you will live that same experience. The CCC is just not a cattle ranch vacation. It’s a very personal vacation where you feel as part of the family that runs the ranch and not just guests. Tom and Darcy do everything humanely possible to make sure you become part of the ranch life and their family. From eating dinner with you every night, to consulting with you on what you would like to do, from preparing meals just the way you like them and even responding to any special requests, to taking rides with you and camping out with you at the fire in the evening. The accommodations are first rate and include full internet as well as satellite tv. The meals are three times a day and consist of bountiful portions of good old american food. You are guaranteed to enjoy each and every meal. Desserts and snacks are always available as well as ice tea and lemonade. The wranglers take excellent care of you from teaching you how to saddle your horse to how to ride one. You can ride as much as you like over their 10,000 acres. You ride daily – some 1/2 days – some full days. They teach you how to rope, how to cut out cattle from a group, how to gather cattle together and drive them into a pen. You go out on cattle drives and move cattle from pasture to another. It’s up to you to do this as the wranglers need your assistance. You can practice roping and then at the end of the week try to rope a live calf. Wow – what an eye opener. Not that easy – but you can do it. One afternoon, they even took us target shooting. A lot of fun and a lot of laughs. There is even an inside beautiful pool that you can relax in or a hot tub as well. CCC is the perfect place for an adult or family ranch vacation. For a reasonable fee, they will pick you up at the airport and transport you directly to the ranch. No car rental required. If you go, you will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to returning next year.

Stayed June 2016, traveled solo

“To baby Addy and the team!
Thank you for another excellent week we’ve had in your company. We’ve had a lot of laughs, especially the night camping! We would like to say a special thank you to Sheila for letting us stay in her cabin and the wranglers for taking such good care of us! We will be back again for another stay soon, take care till then!” – Love Janet and Kevin May 2015

“Dear Tom, Darcy, Jackie, Scott, Isaac, Scotty, Sandra, Sheila, Addy, Aden and all of the animals…
Thank you for making my stay at Colorado Cattle Company the best holiday of my life! Your warmth and generosity is overwhelming. Every one of you made me feel so welcome and I am incredibly grateful for your kindness. The food was delicious (Sheila you are an angel) and the attention to detail in every aspect of my visit was stunning. The animals are all beautifully cared for and clearly treasured. The riding was exceptional and a wonderful chance to learn new skills and challenge myself. It is impossible to choose my favorite moment as every day was so diverse and filled with joy and laughter. I will treasure the memories of my fortnight here and will return to create more as soon as I am able. During my stay, I truly felt part of the family and I thank you all for allowing me this honor.”  – Fran (From England June 2015

“One Great Vacation!”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed August 30, 2015

Spent 2 weeks at the Ranch. Had a great time. Everyone, Tom, Darcy, Jackie & Scott, Hawkeye, Sandra, Isaach & Beca, Sheila, Jessica & Kim are all so nice.

Wonderful views. And the animals. All fat and sassy. You can always tell how great a place is by the care given to the animals. Even the cats and dogs are friendly, Really liked One Eye Willy.

Cabins are all knotty pine. No extra charge for being single.

And the food. In 2 weeks never had the same meal twice except the Friday nite special. The deserts were really really good!!!!!

I’d go again in a minute, You’ll love it. So quite and peaceful.

It’s a really long drive, let them pick you up at the airport.

They have a pool and a hot tub. Available 6:30 am to l0 pm every day.

The Tuesday nite Margarita parties are OH BOY

Room Tip: Cabin # l is closer to Ranch house. I had Cabin # 8 was especially quite

“Awesome Cowboy Adventure”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed August 31, 2015

This was my first time going on a solo vacation. I am usually a shy/quite person so I was a little nervous going on a trip alone. However from the moment I was picked up at the airport the employees made me feel comfortable. Tom and Darcy really do open up their home to the guests, and you really do leave as family.

It had been 4-5 years since my last experience on a horse, and my skills were rusty. By the time I left the ranch I felt that I brushed all the “rust” off of my riding skills and I felt as comfortable on a horse as I had years before. The horses incredibly well trained, and if you and your horse don’t get along they will find you a better match.

By Wednesday evening, I was already planning on returning the next year. I cannot recommend CCC enough. I had an absolutely awesome experience. The staff, horses, food, cabins, everything met and exceeded my expectations. And I did rope a live steer from horseback even though I’ve never touched a rope before :).

“Outstanding Experience on the Ranch”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed July 18, 2015

My daughter and I visited Colorado Cattle Company July 12-July 18th, 2015 and wow, what an amazing experience. Tom, Darcy and all the staff – from wranglers to cooks and housekeepers – made sure that our time together was memorable. And it certainly was. We truly enjoyed all of the learning we did during this time on the ranch. Horsemanship, roping, riding, and just plain good old hard work outside. The wranglers all had a tremendous capacity to teach and displayed a great amount of patience with our diverse group which had all levels of experience. I learned more than I expected to learn, and I’m sure our group had a similar experience.We will also cherish the great friends we made who shared this experience with us. As folks from America, it was also fun to meet and share the experience of real ranching with folks around the world. We definitely look forward to staying in touch with our new friends.

We found this location online and while there were great reviews, we still did not quite know what to expect for our experience. I have to say, it far exceeded what we were hoping for. My daughter and I had a great chance to do some special bonding and I feel like we have become part of a bigger family.

“Wonderful people and a great experience”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed July 13, 2015

Read the other reviews if you want to know more about food and lodging (which was great, by the way).There are US resorts with horseback riding on the side, and there are places where riding is what it’s all about. Colorado Cattle is the second kind. If you’re an early-stage or timid rider, you’ll be kept busy and you’ll learn a lot in a supportive setting. If you’re further on, you’ll probably be given a lot of absorbing stuff to do.

On our third day we found ourselves gathering cows. We’d been shown the basics, and two other sets of four guests went off under closer supervision. Our four, who I guess had shown we could sit a horse OK, found ourselves working pretty independently across something like a two-mile front, wheedling cattle out of ravines (‘draws’ around here) and moving them over a ridge to the next fence-line. The wrangler with our group trusted us to do the job while he found the strays, and by gosh we did it. It’s fun to be more than spectator. The next day three of us who’d thrown ourselves into learning to rope were ‘called out of class’ with our wrangler to deal with a stray calf. Galloping across country (and I do mean galloping) to head the beast off then walking him gently for miles to find the herd, was good riding. The day after that, against all the odds and with a lot of good advice behind us, we each managed to rope a steer. Fun? Oh yes.

The people are nice, the horses are nice, the food is really good home cooking (and lots of it), and it’s a great piece of country. If you want to ride school horses in an arena, whether English dressage or Western reining, this is not for you. (Don’t come, either, if you’re allergic to cats and dogs; to say the least, it’s an animal rich environment). But if you want to get an idea, in five days flat, of what practical ranch riding is about, then this is excellent value. Our wranglers, Isaac and Scott, were great. They taught us more in a week than we’d have thought possible.

Room Tip: Be aware that the walls are thin in the bunkhouse.


“Wonderful Experience!”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed May 21, 2015

What a wonderful weekend!  I can’t compliment you and your family enough on what a great job you have done with your guest ranch.  You’ve made it an exceptional place to visit, with hominess, hospitality and a genuine spirit of what a cattle ranch feels like.I especially appreciate how well the horses are taken care of and also the quality of them.  Unlike many guest ranches, you have some exceptional horses that anyone would be proud to own, and even experienced riders can enjoy.

I have to say the food also was very good; sort of no nonsense fare, but very good, and certainly more than enough.

I want to say thank you to your family and all the staff at Colorado Cattle Co. for providing a wonderful experience for myself and others this past weekend.

“Colorado Cattle Company-a true western ranch experience”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed July 4, 2014

Waking early, sipping a 2nd cup of coffee from the deck of my cabin, I Iooked out at the endless grassland that stretched to the horizon. Punctuating the view were the random groups of horses, cattle, and of course, the two donkeys.

After saddling the horses and eating a filling breakfast ,we set off on horseback to find and doctor a sick bull, somewhere out on the ranch’s 10,000 acres. The day before, those who wanted to, saddled up for a whole day ride checking the fence line, while those who wished to stay behind worked on their horsemanship with one of the Wranglers. Tomorrow, in addition to another trail ride,there will be lessons in Team Penning, roping, and beginning horsemanship. And for some, remaining at the ranch and just relaxing is always an option.

Tom and Darcy, the owners, have one objective in mind, and that’s to be sure all the quests enjoy their time at the ranch.They are very accommodating, and encourage all questions and concerns to be brought to their attention. The Wranglers are friendly and enjoyable to be around and they do a great job matching horses to riders. Throughout the day they are available to assist, and there number one goal is to keep the guests safe.

A log cabin with a heating/cooling unit ,coffee pot, refrigerator, TV, private bath with plenty of hot water-one couldn’t ask for more at a western cattle ranch. With three great meals and an open kitchen, a staff always ready to assist, great horses and 10,000 acres to ride and explore-you’re guaranteed a great week!

For the novice or beginner rider looking to experience a week of horseback riding, or for anyone looking for an authentic western ranch experience, Colorado Cattle Company is the place to go!

Room Tip: A cabin, with two single beds, provides a wonderful view of the wide open grasslands.

 “Be A Cowboy at Colorado Cattle Company!”

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed July 9, 2014

This was not my first rodeo! Well, roundup not rodeo. This was my sixth visit to a working cattle ranch, and I was very impressed! I consider Colorado Cattle Company more than a “dude” ranch. Yes, there are more comforts than cowboys ever had, but you RIDE – you don’t just sit on “nose to tail” horses. You determine the extent you wish to participate in activities based on your interests, how you are feeling, and your skill level. Some guests had never ridden before while others were experienced riders.Owners, Tom & Darcy Carr, have created a warm and welcoming vacation destination at Colorado Cattle Company. Together with their outstanding staff, they ensure that guests have the experience of their dreams. On the first day Darcy encouraged guests to share their goals for the stay so the staff could make sure they were attained. I was impressed with the quantity and quality of horse training provided by the wranglers. Lisa is very experienced and has a long history of training horses and riders. Whether you wanted to learn to sit a trot, rope a steer, or sort cattle, the wranglers worked with guests to reach their goals. I enjoyed the cattle round up then driving the herd to another pasture on the 10,000 acre ranch. One day I chose to do fence repairs with a wrangler. I enjoyed the experience and learned something new. The hot tub, sauna, and indoor pool were a welcome respite after a day of riding.Watching the sun rise and horses graze while sitting on our cabin deck with a cup of coffee every morning was the ultimate in relaxation. Our time at Colorado Cattle Company was a great mixture of riding and relaxation. We highly recommend Colorado Cattle Company and look forward to our visit next year!

“Something for Everyone at Colorado Cattle Company!”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed July 6, 2014

Whether you’re an experienced cowboy or a novice, Colorado Cattle Company is for you! Located in a remote section of Colorado, the beauty and serenity of the ranch make it easy to leave the world behind! From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with warmth and hospitality. Owners Tom & Darcy Carr along with their exceptional staff strived to meet the needs and wishes of their guests.I have little riding experience and was pleased to find that no matter what your skill level, the wranglers work with you to make sure you feel safe and confident. Focusing on rider safety, the first skill taught was “one-rein stopping” the horses. The wranglers encouraged guests to ride the amount of time that felt right for them. On a day-long ride to Haunted, riders could choose to end at lunch time and have their horses trailered back.Every aspect of the service provided by the ranch staff was consistently exceptional. The cabins were comfortable and are equipped with TVs and Wi-Fi access. I had let the staff know ahead of time that I was a vegetarian, and they easily accommodated my needs with delicious food! Combining fun and relaxation was easy with the hot tub, sauna, and indoor pool. In addition, the luxury of having your laundry done with such efficiency was very much appreciated! They even have a nice gift shop!Savoring the magnificent beauty and peacefulness of the landscape while sitting on the deck or a horse with the wind blowing through your hair nourishes the soul. A truly rejuvenating vacation that we plan to take again!

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed May 19, 2014

If you want to experience the life of a Cowboy / Cowgirl then CCC is the place to go. Tom and Darcy Carr (ranch owners) have added some new staff for this season and everyting is a perfect fit. With the addition of Lisa (horse wrangler/horse whisperer), Jim (cattle manager), Matt (all around Cowboy) and the return of Issac (knows the ranch inside and out), 2014 guest season should be exquisite. Just spent a week out there and am ready to go back already. Of course, we cannot forget Ms. Sheila (you betcha Mister) and Jake (Cookie) in the kitchen who will keep your bellies full in between the working and riding you will experience as well as Tyler (Office staff) and Dwayne (facility staff) and the ladies who assist with housekeeping and kitchen duties. I have made many trips to CCC over the past 12 years and have to say this was one of the best ever !! Look forward to the next visit. Wanting to wish Tom, Darcy and Staff a very exciting, fun filled guest season. Until the next time !!

Room Tip: The Bunkhouse rooms are awesome as well as the cabins (2 x single beds) which are very comnfortable.

See more room tips

“Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch.”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed June 21, 2014
This is the best horseback riding vacations I ever had! This is a place experienced riders would love, “no brain dead” horses or nose to tail riding. About 12 guests with four Ranglers ride along on the 10,000 acre ranch. Inspecting the cattle and enjoying the beautiful landscape. I learned to rope and participated in branding. Great ranger made us feel like part of the crew.

Well worth the cost. A “bucked list” experience.

Stayed June 2014, traveled with family

Colorado Cattle Company”
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed July 9, 2014
Can’t rate this highly enough. Horses very conscientiously looked after and very well trained, great attention given to matching the horse to the rider; fun variation in riding / cattle cutting/ roping/ cowboy games; nothing too much effort, and no request unmet. An outstanding, ‘can-do’ attitude emanating from Tom downwards. Food excellent, cabins very comfortable and overnight camping trip enormous fun. Every member of staff and the owners genuinely nice people and genuinely interested in making the experience they offer a success for everyone. The only blot on the landscape (literally) is the wind turbines, which I mention only because it would have been nice to be forewarned about them (I should have done more research) – but in fact one soon becomes used to them. Don’t let them put you off. I can’t imagine anything that our hosts could have done to improve our holiday – it was just great.Head and shoulders above previous ranching holidays I have done in the US, particularly in terms of horse quality, pleasant attitude and attention to the guests’ requests. All of the wranglers and staff, along with Tom and Darcy, are wonderful – but special mention has to go to Isaac and Duane for their extra work with our camping trip.

Colorado Cattle Company – An Unbelievable Experience”
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed May 13, 2014

A working vacation? Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it! Trust me; the experience you will get at Colorado Cattle Company is like none you will have anywhere else!

I have been coming to Colorado Cattle Company for a few years now, and the staff that Tom and Darcy Carr (the Owners) have assembled is phenomenal! I truly mean that! From top to bottom the staff is fantastic! Especially related to the new Wranglers! Lisa is an awesome horse-woman that will make anyone with any level of riding ability better! Jim has been there done that and has a million stories/experiences to share. Matt is a great all around Cowboy. And Isaac the same, funny and knows a lot about horses and cows. Together the four make an unbelievable and fun team. The planning and communication is great. From gathering and saddling the horses, to the morning and afternoon tasks, the Wranglers keep you well informed and what you need to do and how to do it.

If you plan on using this trip to lose weight, forget it! Sheila and Jake will keep you well fed with fresh salads and good, scratch that, great home cooked food! I probably, maybe, kinda , gaining 10 pounds this week! You betcha Mister!

The rooms are authentic to the ranch, with the bunk house rooms are named and themed for the different pastures on the property. The cabins are duplex cabins that are also decorated in the cowboy theme. The pool room includes a sauna and heated pool, and hot tub helps tremendously after a long day in the saddle.

The views are great, food is fantastic, and the Wranglers make it fun and exciting. A truly unbelievable experience, one that you can’t wait to book you next trip!

Amazing Adventure

Rating: 5 Stars

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 13, 2014
If the animals are friendly you can guarantee their owners are friendly! Right from the get go we were all made to feel welcome! The owners Tom and Darcey are a close couple and so obviously in love, it was a pleasure to be a part of their world for the week. The accommodation has been carefully thought about by…



First time cowgirl
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed October 12, 2013

I spent 10 days at colorado cattle at the beginning of August. I loved my time there, the horses are well looked after, happy and wiling. I rode Shiloh and Lilly, lots of cattle driving in including a trip on the last day to help move his herd, this is the real deal. I travelled solo and was made to feel so welcome, particularly by jake and Sheila. See you next year!


Colorado Cattle Co
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed September 13, 2013

had another two weeks at the ranch aug24 -sept8 this place gets better everyear,the wonderful staff make things so great even though the weather was quite warm the pool was a blessing what can you say about tom and darcy they are so friendly the wranglers Justin,alainna and who can forget issac made my stay the best.this ranch wont suit everyone as it is a working ranch but if that is what you want check it out cant wait to return next year.


A truly wonderful place & amazing experience
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed September 12, 2013

This is an extremely well run & welcoming true ranch experience. The scenery is stunning, the horses are really well looked after & a pleasure to ride, and the people there are pretty special. Activities vary from day to day and the food is amazing. You are really made to feel part of the family & they make every effort to accommodate your every wish. It is a truly remarkable & special place & I think I’ve left a little piece of my heart there.


True ranch experience with amenities
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 27, 2013

Just returned from a week at the CCC with 10 other women. The facilities were outstanding, the horses welll cared for with suitability for all skill levels, the food delicious, plentiful, and always fresh, the staff friendly and welcoming, the rooms spotlessly clean and well decorated, the pool a welcome “perk”. This is a “working” ranch. You will pick up the corral,brush your horses, help with fences, etc. This was my 4th trip of this kind and the CCC is at the top of my list.


lost in the wild
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 29, 2013

This place offers you a unique and amazing experience with open space, horses and the real cowboys life! I loved it sooo much I was seriously depressed when I left! the food was excellent, the rooms well decorated and clean. The horses super healthy and happy, the owners so kind and accomodating, truly a magic place where to forget about your every day routine and to get in touch with something beautiful.


7 Years and Counting
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 28, 2013

I have made going to CCC a priority every summer now for seven years. My first 2 trips were with the former owners and the last 5 years have been with Tom and Darcy who have become like family to me. I have watched the evolution of CCC under their care and it just gets better and better. This year was the best yet! Not because of the great riding of magnificent horses in the open prairie. Not because of the incredibly delicious meals prepared by 2 outstanding chefs. Not because of the western rustic comfortable cabin accommodations for resting your weary bones after a invigorating day in the saddle. And not because of the authentic working ranch experience you get nowhere else. No. It is truly because of the star-studded team of people Tom and Darcy have assembled that make every guest feel like they are part of the family. I get to live my cowgirl passion with the most wonderful people in the most beautiful setting. Come live your dream. The CCC team will make it come true.


best holiday ever
Rating: 5 Stars
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 19, 2013

I stayed at the CCC in oct 2012 and had the best time the staff and guests where fantastic Tom and Darcy made me feel at home from the time I arrived to the time I left the wranglers where great they set you up with the horse that suits your ridding ability and are only to happy to show you the right way to do things.the food was great and the cook better .Loved the cabins I travelled from Australia to be there and have booked to go back in Aug 2013 cant wait.


New Owners
Rating: 4 Stars
4 of 5 starsReviewed February 23, 2013

The staff was friendly and helpful. The horses were well fed and well trained. They had a professional photographer who took great pictures and his fee was reasonable. The food was first rate. Riding across the plains, hills and valleys for hours was great. Helping to round up cows, locate a mom who lost her calf and helping with branding was priceless. If I could, I would return.