Cattle work and Cowboy stuff, all the things dreams are made of…

Cattle work is the core of a rancher’s life. During our cowboy adventure weeks you will ride the range helping with any cattle work that is going on at the time of your visit. Since we only accept a few guests at a time you can have lots of time in the saddle and are able to actively participate in everything you desire from saddling and grooming your horse to sorting cattle. We provide excellent horses, well trained and suited to your ability of riding. All instruction necessary to complete the daily tasks successfully is provided in a fun and enjoyable way. If you also participate in our Cowboy School, you will learn from real stockmen how to read cattle, work cattle and improve your riding and horsemanship skills. If you prefer to take it easy, you can work cattle in the morning and skip riding in the afternoon and take a swim or relax. Most guests mix the cattle work with some relaxation time and Cowboy School.

The cattle establish the daily routine on the ranch.

Spring (May and June):
Branding as well as gathering, sorting and moving the pairs to summer pastures. Fences must be checked for broken or damaged areas. Short – one day cattle drives are weekly events until all cattle are settled for the summer. Spring activities can be hard to schedule; weather, sickness, calving and feeding all play a part in the daily work.

Summer (July, August and early September):
Moving cattle, gathering bulls, checking water, salt and fences, looking for strays and fence jumpers and driving them back where they belong. Remember, as a working ranch, cattle drives occur most weeks, all season long.

Fall (late September and October):
Gathering and sorting, vaccinating and weaning the calves, short half or one day cattle drives occur several times a week as we ship cattle to winter feed yards, etc. The work never ends!

Typical daily riding schedule:

Before breakfast: we catch, feed, groom and saddle horses. You can do as much or as little as you wish. You can join us for the entire time or choose to relax part of the time.  It is your choice.

Before Breakfast:  We gather and groom/saddle horses between 7:30 and 8 am.

Served at 8:30 AM unless we are doing a big gather or cattle drive when it will be much earlier and on the run.

After breakfast:
The guests and cowboys go out to work cattle. We have cattle work out on the range every morning for guests who want to participate in the real thing. The Cattle Work ride leaves the corral as soon as we can get mounted after breakfast and returns around 12:00 unless the work takes us too far from the ranch to return for lunch.

Served at the homestead unless we are out on the trail driving cattle or helping a neighbor when it is sandwiches, chips, fruit and dessert on the trail. Lunch is served between 12:30 and 1:00.

After Lunch: Cowboy School meets out by the hitching racks or by the roping dummies and ends around 4:00. We include roping lessons, team penning, cattle handling, cutting instruction and horsemanship. Some days the morning cattle work continues into the afternoon, in fact some days the ‘Cowboy Crew’ doesn’t even arrive back at the ranch until dinner time, so be warned that if you choose to do cattle work, reality sometimes dictates a long day!

Happy hour starts after the horses are fed and settled for the night at 5:00 PM on the patio and dinner is served shortly afterward. We have a liquor license and a fully stocked bar.  The cattle work schedule is written on the board nightly so you know what is planned the next day.




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