Plan your Perfect Vacation

Vacation season is upon us! Planning for a trip can be more stressful than fun, which can sometimes ruin the whole experience. We don’t want that to happen when you plan your trip to Colorado Cattle Company. However, no matter where you decide to take your absence from the real world for a bit, here are some tips and trick on stress-free planning for summer vacations.

Know what you want out of your vacation.

For some, this means a beach get away, relaxing pool side, and sipping margaritas. For others it means hiking mountains, white water rafting, and saddling up horses. Don’t settle on something that you’re told should be fun if it’s not something your heart is into. Colorado Cattle Company offers a more active vacation for those seeking adventure and cowboy living, but it’s not all work and no play. We have a pool, sauna, and comfy beds for when the day is over. You can opt out of work for the day as well if you’d rather have a more ‘pool-side’ vacation experience. No matter where you go, you will take away the most joy from any vacation if the place you choose falls in line with your pre-determined expectations of the trip.

Choose a place willing to work with you not against you.

You get to Google. You search cowboy ranches in the United States. A range of options shows up and you feel overwhelmed. You click through the first sight but they are extremely vague on what they offer. You click through their pages and find out they make you physically call the place for pricing. You’ve only gone through two of their web pages and you’re already jumping through hoops to get to their services. This is when you stop and ask yourself, is this place really worth it? At Colorado Cattle Company, we have an easily navigable website which offers information on our services, accommodations, pricing, and even pictures to further show the ranch for you. As we like to keep the small group feel, we have the ability to describe in great detail every room you could choose from and every activity available on your trip. Don’t want to stay on the actual ranch? We tell you on our website hotels in the area that we shuttle to and from for shorter trips on the ranch. Pricing is laid out for you so you do not need to put any extra time into planning your dream ranch vacation. Ease of planning means ease of going, which we know helps create a better experience in the long run.

Don’t go to a place that charges based on novelty.

Often when people go on vacation they are ready to pay extravagant amounts of money on items they could easily find on Amazon for half the price. They justify it by claiming it was from the novel place they were able to experience. We are all guilty of this, but it should not be a trademark to all vacations out there. When you come to Colorado Cattle Company, you aren’t paying for tangible items, but for an experience you’ll never forget. Cowboy living is not a glamorous, commercialized vacation, and here at the ranch we make it a vacation to beat out those that are. You are not paying for the novelty of watching cowboys, but for the experience of actually being one. You also get the comforts of a normal vacation with a fun room to stay in, ranch style meals, and connecting with people you’d never cross paths with otherwise. Wherever you go, make sure it’s not just for the commercialization but for the experience, that is what you’ll remember most.

As you plan out your vacation for the next couple of months, don’t forget about us here at Colorado Cattle Company. And wherever you go, may it be a grand time full of laughs, relaxation, and memories in the making.