A Wild West Experience in New Raymer

We pride ourselves at Colorado Cattle Company on giving you a true experience of the real wild west. And this is easy to do when we’re settled in such a historic and true western town in the Colorado plains.

Raymer was founded in 1888, only 12 years after the state of Colorado. The land was bought initially bought by a woman, Emma J. Courtright, which was unheard of during that time. Shortly after, it was sold to the Lincoln Land Company. The property was originally attractive because it was along the path for the new railroad that was being built from Holyoke to Cheyenne with the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. The town was named after an assistant chief engineer for the tracks, George Raymer.

While Raymer had a booming first few years with shops and a newspaper known as the Raymer Ranger, the water source ran dry and the town was abandoned shortly after it started. But not for long! A new bunch of settlers came through in 1909 presumably as part of the Colorado Gold Rush. Raymer hence became New Raymer because the post office wanted to differentiate the name from Ramah. However, many people still refer to it as Raymer, and it has been thriving ever since. The town is known for its western feel from the railroad industry and small town farming and ranching. John Deere opened their first shop here around 1920, along with Ford garages.

New Raymer is part of Weld County, which was one of the original counties of Colorado in 1861. Weld county’s territories were part of the mass of people searching for gold in the South Platte River, which eventually turned into the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. 

Colorado Cattle Company is technically older than that of even the town! You can read our extensive history here, but our ranch and it’s surrounding territory has been used for cattle farming for well over 150 years! Guests can still stay in the original stagecoach bunkhouse which was built in 1897.

New Raymer has kept up with its original small town feel by housing around 100 people. It carries that true, old wild west feel with pretty much 100% of the town being rural. This history and small town lifestyle is something that ensures an authentic feel for the wild west here at Colorado Cattle Company.