National Day of the Cowboy

For many, July 25th was just another hot summer day. A day school kids nonchalantly forget the date of, a lazy Saturday for 9 to 5’ers, or a nagging day to remind us that summer is just a day closer to being over. But for us here at Colorado Cattle Company, it was a day to celebrate everything we work for. This year’s National Day of the Cowboy was July 25th.

As recently mentioned on a podcast Tom did for Earn Your Spurs (which was an awesome experience!) Colorado Cattle Company is one of the few Dude Ranch’s in the U.S. that is an adult only ranch. That is because we pride ourselves here on giving our customers an authentic go at being a real cowboy for a week. This means getting your best experience at learning the ropes of ranch life, cattle life, and true grit cowboying. Hence, you can understand our excitement for a day to recognize what we love doing best.

To celebrate our National Day of the Cowboy, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to make the most out of your cowboy experience:

1. Put the electronics away.

–That being said, we love all the pictures you post and tag us in, and all the great things you have to say about us on social media…but once you’ve got your Facebook and picture taking done for the day – put it away! A true cowboy cares little about those fancy electronics when there is a lot to get done on the ranch. If you’re constantly attached to your phone or tablet, you’re missing out on the real action of being a cowboy!

2. Challenge your comfort zone.

–As Neale Donald Walsch once said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Ranch life isn’t the easiest nor prettiest of activities to throw yourself into. But the reward is incredibly worth the challenge. If you fully jump into the gear and put yourself out there for the activities, you’ll find the real cowboy in you.

3. Incorporate ranch terminology into your vernacular.

–That sentence is a perfect example of how not do that. Cowboys enjoy the simple life, which comes with simple words and slang for their everyday living. Adopting the cowboy phrases for a week will help put you in the mood of being a cowboy, while enjoying learning the what and why’s of how those words came about. Some old Wild West slang can be found here to get you talking like a cowboy in no time.

4. Be respectful and courteous.

–Cowboys are known for their genuine respect and hard work. City slickers are known for the opposite. To truly live that cowboy experience, step in their boots for a day and go out of your way to be respectful to all your peers. Keep a work ethic up to match the greats of the day. Whether you already watch your manners, or think opening doors for ladies is outdated, if you truly want the old Wild West experience adopt the cowboy persona and you’ll be on your way.

5. Don’t forget to have fun.

–Cowboying isn’t all work and no fun. Cowboys knew the best balance between both, partially because all the hard work they did they found fun. I mean, wouldn’t we all love a job that requires us to ride a horse daily? Don’t get too hung up on doing everything right or on working so hard that you can’t hit the hot tub later at night with a cold one. Sometimes, the best part of the day for a cowboy is to take off the boots and relax after an accomplished day of hard work.

At Colorado Cattle Company we give you the option to fill your cowboy dreams to the fullest, and we hope these tips get you on the right path!


And remember to wish everyone a happy National Day of the Cowboy.