Meet our Furry Friends

Have you ever heard of a farm cat? Well ranch’s have them too. Here at Colorado Cattle Company, we have two ranch cats and two ranch dogs! Our dogs and cats love spending their time outside with the guests and the horses as well as chasing all those pesky mice and squirrels out in the fields. We have Frank, Dixie, Sebastian, and Willie roaming around at all times. We’ve said this before, but if you’re an animal lover, the ranch is definitely a place to come up and visit.

However, farm pets have more history than we give them credit. Farming and, later, ranching, is how the domestication of animals came about. Hunter/gatherers took in ‘friendly’ wolves who eventually became what we call dogs. These first dogs were mainly found in agriculture communities, helping their humans hunt and keep up the farm. Now dogs are bred for many reasons, including ranching dogs who help herd animals. I don’t know how good Dixie and Frank are at herding, but we love to have them around nonetheless!

Cats are even more historically known, tracing back as early as the B.C. years in ancient Egypt. Cats became more domesticated as agriculture societies set up because the human communities attracted rodents and set out waste, both of which the felines enjoyed to eat. Up until 60 years ago, the majority of cats were outside cats hanging around the farms just like their ancient ancestors. Sebastian and Willie definitely fit this category, but they do enjoy some inside snuggles here and there – especially around the winter months!

We love having our furry friends running around and keeping us on our toes, but we can’t capture their personalities simply through a blog so you’ll have to come out and meet them yourself!