Gear List

Laundry service is included in our pricing – bring your dirty clothes up and our staff will wash/dry them for you. Turnaround time is usually 8 hours or less.

A hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap are provided. Wi-Fi is available in the rooms. Travelers coming from over-seas may need to bring an electrical adapter.



It gets really dark out here and the ground is rough in many places!
Canteen / Water Bottle
Absolutely necessary to remain hydrated. (We sell them in the gift shop)
Hat / Cap
Cowboy hat or other hat with a stampede string.  (We sell both cowboy hats/stampede strings and ball caps in gift shop)
Special Clothing
Boot socks, two pairs of jeans, one sweatshirt, one light jacket, and one thin long sleeved shirt to protect from sunburn. Ladies (Sports Bras) !!!
Bike Shorts
Optional, but guests swear by them. They come in different depths of padding and sure do save your backside. (We do not sell them)
Lip balm, sunscreen, personal care items and anything you need for allergies or medication. We make a town run at least once a week or as needed.
We have domestic and imported beers and wine available and a fully stocked bar.
MUST HAVE TO RIDE! Cowboy boots preferred, other boots are acceptable, but must have a smooth sole with heel and not a deep ridged sole. Please try to avoid lace ups. Slip-ons are preferred.
Winter Clothing
Before May 20th and after September 20th the weather may be cold and windy, bring a warm winter cap, heavy gloves, scarf, rain or snow gear, warm pants, medium weight vest or coat and heavy coat. Wyoming Traders Rain slickers are available in the Gift Shop.
Saddle / Chinks / Chaps
Most cowboys wear Chinks. We are not in South Texas, no brush here. Chaps are not necessary but you are welcome to bring yours. Personal saddles and spurs are not allowed unless you bring your own horse. (We sell chinks in the gift shop.)
Camera, Sunglasses & Swim Gear
Don’t forget your camera to document those unforgettable moments. Bring cheap sunglasses just in case they get damaged riding and don’t forget your swimwear to enjoy our pool accommodations! (We sell sunglasses in the gift shop.)

If you plan to ship anything to the ranch, please note we will not be responsible for anything shipped through Federal Express.  If your package is not received at the ranch and you shipped it through Federal Express, you will be responsible for tracking and picking it up.

Click here to download our printable checklist.

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