Fun Facts about Cows

If you’ve never met a cow up close, you probably have presuppositions that cows are just grazing, mindless animals. When you meet a cow for the first time, you find out it’s quite the opposite! Cows have a lot of personality and emotions, and are actually pretty similar to dogs when it comes to being pets. Some are very defensive and distant while others just want all the attention and grooming. At Colorado Cattle Company, we have all kinds of personalities in our herd! Here are some fun facts about cows that you would never guess:

  • Cows make friends and spend most of their time with the cow friends they like.
  • Cows also hold grudges and avoid the cows they don’t like.
  • Not only are cows emotive, but when they are treated better and happy with their circumstances, they generally produce more milk and are more compliant.
  • Excitement is an emotion cows often show, especially when they solve a problem or are trying to be tricky. And they are truly curious animals. Ex. A close friend is a cattle farmer in Nebraska and she has some cows who like to pretend to be escape artists and roam the fences looking for breaks. She has to call them in like dogs with biscuits! Quite a funny scene!
  • Cows have a sense of family and actually will sleep next to their relatives.
  • Cows are very protective of their calves! They will do just about anything to keep them safe.

Needless to say, cows are pretty darn cute when you meet them up close, so come meet our herd here at Colorado Cattle Company! Thanks to OneKind for the fun facts on cows! Click on the link for even more!