Beverage Program


Important:  Federal, State and local laws PROHIBIT guests bringing their own alcoholic beverages on to the ranch.  Think of it this way, you would not bring a bottle of Jack Daniel’s into a restaurant, same laws apply here.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation

All teas, coffee, juices, etc., are complimentary

Beers:    (all are $5.00 each)
Bud Light
Coors Light
Stella Artois
Fat Tire
Regatta Ginger Beer
Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Smirnoff Ice

Wines (all are $30.00 per bottle and there is no wine by the glass available.  You can take your bottle to your room)
Barefoot White Zinfandel
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Chateau La Paws Chardonnay
Chateau La Paws Pinot Noir
Chateau La Paws Red Blend
14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon

Spirits (all are $7.00 per drink)
Vodkas:  Titos, Ketel One, Stolichnaya, Smirnoff
Canadian Whiskys:  Crown Royal, Pendleton
American Whiskys:  Jack Daniels, Stranahan’s Colorado, Seagram’s 7 Crown
American Bourbons:  Bullleit Kentucky Bourbon
Scotch Whiskys:  Dewar’s, Glenfiddich 12 year, Oban 14 year
Irish Whiskys:  Bushmills
Rums:  Bacardi Silver, Captain Morgan Spiced, Black Magic
Tequilas:  Jose Cuervo Gold, Don Julio Blanco, Don Julio Reposado
Gins:  Bombay Sapphire, Tanquerey, Gordons
Cordials:  Fuegon Red Licorice, Fireball, Di Saronno Amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Sambuca Romana
Brandy:  Korbell
Cognac:  Hennessey
Vermouth:  Martini and Rossi Sweet and Dry

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