Cowboy Fitness Week 2017

Get Fit Like the Cowboys in the Old West!

Colorado Cattle Company & Guest Ranch is partnering up with Cowboy Ryan to offer this 1 week spectacular of cowboy fitness! This special week of fitness and fun will be offered the week of August 20th, 2017 with LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! BOOK NOW TO SAVE YOUR SPOT!

WHAT IS A COWBOYS WORKOUTS LIKE? Fun! FAT BURNING! Fast paced, hi-energy, various stations with exercises targeting abs, buns, legs & arms. You DON’T have to be in shape or a rodeo athlete to do the Cowboy workouts as it’s a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. Get the results without the high price of one on one personal training.

Each  workout is different, challenging, and fun. From learning how to climb the fences, balance board, saddle squats, hitting the speed bag and rodeo style moves you will never get bored.


This is the BIGGEST change you’ll experience, 5 days of motivation will change ANY area of your life. If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, get motivated to get in shape or unhappy in any area of your life these 5 days of mind conditioning is priceless. 


Day 1

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5 

Whether you have 5 pounds or 150 pounds to LOSE this Fitness Ranch experience is specifically for those individuals who want to custom design a fitness regimen that will change the quality of

their lives forever. You WON’T achieve your fitness goals in 5 days, however you will ACHIEVE building a blueprint, have proven fitness knowledge from Cowboy Ryan who is one of Americas Top Personal Trainers.

Your motivation will be off the plane and it will propel you once you return home.  By the time you leave the Ranch you will be MOTIVATED unlike ever before, have a solid Fitness Blueprint specifically for you and have NEW tools & mindset to achieve your personal fitness
goals in the next 1, 3, 5, & 12 months.

($2000.00 per person for entire 6 night/1 week stay)

Nutrition Workshop

Dive in on Days 2 and 3 and get real advice on delicious food that is right for you

Not only will we cover foods to eat and avoid, but we will be serving delicious and healthy food throughout your stay.

(Totally free and included with this all-inclusive stay!)


Co-sponsored by Cowboy Ryan’s Gym!